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Fire Chief/EMS, 9C1

Mat Champlin is a 15 year veteran member of the Underhill Jericho Fire Department (UJFD) serving as the 12th Fire Chief in the department's history. Prior to his election as Chief he held every officer rank below Chief learning the duties and struggles of the role of Chief.  He served on several administrative committees, all in service of the department's overall performance. Mat's department background and experience has allowed for optimal success in emergency scene operations, recruiting, training, and equipment handling.

Mat is also a senior engineer working at GlobalFoundries for the last 20 years.  He has held several different roles working in both facilities and manufacturing at GlobalFoundries.  He is also a member of the GlobalFoundries Emergency Response team, sharing knowledge between the UJFD and GlobalFoundries.

Mat is also one of the founding members of the UJFD EMS First Response team.  The UJFD started our first response agency after the tireless work of our full time staff and volunteers to develop a plan and implement that plan with full support of both the towns of Underhill and Jericho, the State of Vermont EMS office and the District 3 medical board.

Chief Mat Champlin is a 20 year resident of the town of Jericho.

     9C1 Chief Mat Champlin
           9C2 1st Asst Chief Bob Stone
                  9C3 2nd Asst Chief Shawn Martell

9K1Captain Joe Casilli
      9K4 Lieutenant Kasey Clar
      9K5 Lieutenant Nathaniel Jewett

   901 Brian Clark
902 Tim Clark

 903 Loni Morse
   904 Jerry Russin
    906 Brian Miller
             909 Nathan Goldman
915 Tom Cota
      916 Parker Ripley
     917 Todd Fischer
          919 Andrew Wilder
       920 Luke Martone
   921 Travis Hale
             923 Adam Chamberlin
   924 Aaron Little
        927 Johannes Jobst
     929 Michael Tefft
     933 Chris Parker

        934 Sean McCann

9FP1 Mike Medlar

907 Lee dumas
Julie Jacob-Ochs


9HC41 Randy H Clark
9HC42 David Tillotson
9HC43 Randy E Clark

EMS First Response
 9C1 Mat Champlin EMR / Head of Service
967 Katie Forsberg EMT / EMS Supervisor
  9K1 Joe Casilli FF/EMT
  915 Tom Cota FF/EMT 
     917 Todd Fischer FF/EMT
   924 Aaron Little FF/EMT
    933 Chris Parker FF/EMT
          934 Sean McCann FF/AEMT
    962 Crystal Neskey EMT
963 Steven Bailey EMT
     964 Jeremy Edwards EMT
965 Pat Daunais EMT
       966 Chris Fradenburg EMT
   968 Margaret Daly EMT

9Radio1 Pam Martell
967 Katie Forsberg

  967 Katie Forsberg
9AUX2 Cis Dumas
   9AUX3 Trish Stevens
  9AUX4 Cathy Clark
       9AUX5 Heather Roberts
    9AUX7 Sherry Fischer
           9AUX8 Shelby Whittington
9AUX9 Heidi Litt


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