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Mathew Champlin

Fire Chief 9C1

Roy Spiller

First Assistant Chief 9C2

Todd Fischer

Second Assistant Chief 9C3

Sean McCann

Captain 9K1


Harry Schoppmann III

Captain 9K3

Harry is our full time member who is at the Underhill Fire Station from 7am-3pm Monday-Friday. In case of medical emergencies, Harry responds to EMS calls during the day.

Greg Leech

Captain 9K2

Johannes Jobst

Lieutenant 9K6

Bob Stone

Lieutenant 9K5

Randy H. Clark

Honorary Chief 9C41

Dave Tillotson

Honorary Chief 9C42

Randy E. Clark

Honorary Chief 9C43

Andy Forsberg

Fire Police FP1

Julie Jacob-Ochs

Support Specialist 9Specialist1

Brian Clark

Firefighter 901

Tim Clark

Firefighter 902

Jerry Russin Jr.

Firefighter 904

Patrick Crowley

Firefighter 905

James Cornell

Firefighter 906

Lee Dumas

Firefighter 907

Erich Kasprik

Firefighter 908

Nate Goldman

Firefighter 909

Shawn Danaher Sr

Firefighter 912

Aaron Schwartz

Firefighter Apprentice 915

Parker Ripley

Firefighter 916

Todd Hallock

Firefighter 918

Brad Fischer

Firefighter 919

Will Drislane

Firefighter 920

Drew Stevens

Firefighter 922

Loni Morse

Firefighter 923

Samantha Whitney

Firefighter Apprentice 924

Keith Ward

Firefighter Apprentice 928

Travis Hale

Firefighter 929

Connor Morway

Firefighter Apprentice 930

Pam Martell

Dispatch - 9Radio1

Cis Dumas


Cathy Clark


Sherry Fischer


Kitty Clark

Life Member

Chris Reinfurt

Firefighter 910

Corey Clark

Firefighter 914

Shawn Martell

Firefighter 911

Frank Fleming

Life Member

Mike Greenia

Life Member

Patricia Stevens



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